Product Line Brochure - 2017

23 TAYLOR SAFETY Taylor Machine Works, Inc. provides many safety materials for use in conjunction with Taylor equipment. It is imperative that not only the operator be familiar with the safety materials, but also that operations directors and other safety officials utilize the safety materials provided to ensure a safe and ergonomically designed work environment. Taylor Machine Works, Inc.'s commitment to building the safest products and providing good safety materials, in conjunction with the employers commitment and responsibility to provide well-trained operators and safe work environments, will result in a Win, Win situation! Safety Check Video Training Program The Safety Check Video Training Program consists of 5 modules on 2 high quality DVDs. These DVDs are only available upon request. For more information or to request a copy of the Safety Check Video Training Program DVDs please contact Julia Love at 662-773-3421. Safety Training Under the regulations of OSHA and ANSI, it is the responsibility of the employer to assure that those individuals assigned responsibilities in opera- tion of industrial trucks be properly trained. Through the combined efforts of Taylor Machine Works, Inc. and Industrial Training Systems, Inc., you can be assured that your operators are properly trained to complete their assigned tasks. For more information contact: Jim Shephard Industrial Training Systems, Inc. P.O. Box 341033 2838 Stage Center Cove Bartlett, TN 38184-1033 Phone: 901-382-5507 FAX: 901-382-2811