Product Line Brochure - 2017

25 The Next Generation Pedestrian Detection Aid Vision Plus™ provides the operator of mobile equipment with real-time information concerning the location and tracking of pedestrians in the operating area around the equipped vehicle. Mobileye's unique artificial vision technology enables the Vision Plus™ system to ignore non-pedestrian obstacles significantly reducing the number of alarms to the operator and to bystanders. This functionality, unique to the Vision Plus™ system, ensures that only the most important information is provided to the operator. Ergonomic display of information both audibly and visually, industrial grade camera enclosures and hardware, and state of the art sensor-less, tag-less technology combine to provide a pedestrian detection aid that will add to the operator's practice of clearing the area with direct vision. Ÿ Powder coated for long lasting finish Ÿ O-ring sealed connector Ÿ Rugged construction, designed for use in industrial environments Ÿ Cover with drip edge to reduce water dripping in front of the camera Ÿ Level 2 Alert Ÿ Audible alarm with adjustable volume Ÿ Enclosure is sealed to withstand damage from outdoor elements Ÿ Enclosure is cast aluminum with integrated heat sink Ÿ LED indicators provide a bright visual alert to the operator Ÿ Fully encapsulated electronics for increased durability Can't find a system to fit your application? Vision Plus™ Pro offers a fully customizable solution to meet your unique requirements. Vision Plus™ Pro can be configured for specialty applications including custom display of information, data logging, on board maintenance tools, and custom engineering. Your Certified Vision Plus dealer can discuss with you your specialty application.