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Proper lighting

A worker knowledgeable of workplace

dangers with reflective vest and radio.

Marked pedestrian aisles for


Clear safe pedestrian aisles

For every industry, there is a Tayl

Every work site is different and

operating conditions change

moment by moment.

By establishing and enforcing

forklift/pedestrian lanes you can

increase the safety of your

workers and others.

Keep pedestrians out of areas

where trucks operate and always

require operators to look in the

direction of and keep a clear view

of the path of travel.

Do the job and do it safely!

Little things make a big difference!


Taylor Machine Works has kits (comprising all installation/mounting mate

shown in this brochure. Kit contents will depend on individual needs and

number and serial number. Order from your authorized Taylor dealer or

As discussed in

Safety Check

, pages 31-37, many factors must be consi

increase in safety in your operation: ambient noise, habituation, filtering,

devices may have a net decrease in the safety of your operation. Improp

direction of travel. Remember, in choosing ancillary devices:

One size d

Given the wide variety of manufacturing and material handling situations

and other devices which are commercially available,

Taylor strongly su

type of industrial setting when assessing your specific workplace s

Internal Mirrors

Lights & Beacon

Non-skid Steps

External Mirrors