Proven Performance ENGINE Volvo TAD1371VE 388 HP engine (STD) Electronic turbocharger, Charge-air after-cooled (air to air) diesel Rated 388 HP @ 1900 rpm Peak torque 1438 ft-lbs. @ 1200 rpm For models: X-800 - X-1000, XLC-975, XLC-976 XTCP-900L & Reach Stacker models Other manufacturers are putting smaller displacement engines in their products. While it is true, with today's electronic controlled engines, the engines can offer more horsepower from a smaller displacement. Higher horse power, from a smaller engine, stresses the mechanical components at higher levels. You can’t expect the same engine life from these smaller displacement engines compared to the larger displacements. Our studies show, if you take two trucks doing the same work in a particular duty cycle, one with a small displacement and one with a larger displacement, the larger displacement truck will last longer with less downtime and lower operating costs.