T-550RR (RoRo)

T-550RR Engine Cummins QSC8.3-C230, 6--cylinder electronic turbocharged,charge air after cooled (air to air) diesel engine has 506 cu-in. (8.3 L) displacement, 4.49-in. (114 mm) bore x 5.31-in. (135 mm) stroke. Rated power 230-hp (172 kW) at 2200 rpm (all engine ratings are based on SAE standard ambient conditions). Maximum power of 250-hp (186 kW) at 2000 rpm. Peak torque is 800 ft-lbs. (1085 N-m) at 1500 rpm. Emission certification: US EPA Tier III, Carb Tier III, EU Stage III. Standard features are electronic diagnostic, maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator, engine/transmission protection system, fuel economy and reduced emissions. Fuel tank capacity is 60 gallons (227 L). Air Cleaner The dry air cleaner has a safety element and restriction indicator. Cooling System The coolant-recovery cooling system has an extra large down flow radiator for maximum efficiency. The wide fin spacing reduces dirt build-up and provides optimum engine cooling. Electrical, Instrumentation, and Accessories The one-piece instrument panel is pre-wired to accommodate heavy- duty accessories and flips down for easy servicing. All wiring is color coded. The unit has a 12-volt electrical system. Standard equipment includes a key-type anti-restart ignition system, 2 heavy-duty batteries, heavy- duty (100-amp) alternator, mechanical pressure gauges, thermal reset circuit breakers, lighted instruments, key-switch actuated amber strobe light, eight worklights (four front, four rear), four rear-view mirrors, air horn, turn signals front and rear, stop and tail lights, forward alarm, and reverse-actuated warning alarm. Gauges include fuel level, ammeter, hourmeter, air pressure, engine oil pressure, engine coolant temperature, transmission oil pressure, and transmission oil temperature. Transmission The four-speed, fully reversing, non-modulated, powershift transmission has inching and mechanical shift control. The filler pipe dipstick and large, heavy-duty, spin-on oil filter are easily accessible. Separate air-to-oil cooler. Drive Axle The heavy-duty, planetary axle housing utilizes a hypoid ring gear and pinion. The axle housing is welded to the frame. Steer Axle The Taylor steer axle is mounted on self-aligning, hardened-steel spherical bushings. Kingpins with replaceable bushings are mounted on tapered-roller thrust bearings. Brake System The air-actuated, S-cam, service brakes with cast steel drums are fail safe. The system has a hand-operated spotting brake control, 20.25-inch (514 mm) diameter x 7-inch (178 mm) wide heavy-duty linings, and treadle valve. The drum-type parking brake, 10-in. (254 mm) diameter x 3-in. (76 mm) wide, is mounted on the transmission output shaft. An over-center hand lever operates the parking brake. Power Steering The fully hydrostatic, steer-on-demand, steering system provides constant response at all engine speeds. Chassis All-welded frame has integral, sloped, counterweight. Spring assisted hood and hinged doors provide easy access to service points. Operator’s compartment is offset to right side and is fully enclosed with adjustable swivel seat and seat belt, dual driving controls for operation from either direction. Tinted, unbreakable Skyview with steel crossbars for maximum visibility and protection. Hydraulic System The automatic two-speed lift system has an accumulator in the lift circuit and dual wire-mesh strainers in the tank. The steering system has an auxiliary return-line filter with a replaceable spin-on element. The hydraulic system utilizes gear-type pumps. Control valves are separate, stacked, spool-type, and mounted in the fender for easy access. The tilt-lock valve prevents mast drift and reduces torsional stress. Pin-mounted lift cylinders have chrome plated rods and self- adjusting packing. Control levers with adjustable stops are conveniently located. Hydraulic tank capacity is 72 gallons (273 L) Mast, Carriage, and Rollers Telescopic 3-stage mast has 110-in. 2,794 mm) OAHL, with 144-in. total lift (48-in. (1,219 mm) free lift). Uprights and cross members are high-strength steel for minimal weight and maximum visibility. 4-stage hydraulic cylinder. 115-in. (2,921 mm) wide pin-type carriage has high strength-to-weight ratio. Fully adjustable, with 41-in. (1,041 mm) fork positioners and 32- in. (813 mm) side shift (16-in. (406 mm) each direction) combination. Main rollers have shielded, tapered, roller bearings. Side rollers are adjustable to compensate for wear. All rollers may be lubricated. Forks Forks are hammer forged from heat treated alloy steel. 96-in. (2,438 mm) long x 10-in. (254 mm) wide x 5-in. (127 mm) thick (standard). This vehicle is certified to meet the applicable design and performance criteria required for Powered Industrial Trucks in OSHA Safety and Health Standards, Title 29 CFR. Part 1910.178, and the applicable design and performance requirements in ANSI B56.1 that were in effect at the time of manufacture. These standards also apply to the user and should be adhered to while operating this vehicle. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Some operating data may be affected by the condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, contact the factory. Rated Capacity: 55,000-lbs. (24,948 kg) Up to 9-ft. (2.7 m) Of Lift Capacity: 50,000-lbs. (22,680 kg) From 9-ft. (2.7 m) to 12-ft. (3.7 m) Of Lift 48-in. (1,219 mm) Load Center 160-in. (4,064 mm) Wheelbase Preliminary 10/8/08 Taylor Machine Works, Inc. 650 North Church Avenue Louisville, Mississippi 39339-2017 Phone (662) 773-3421 Fax (662) 773-9146 ®