Industrial Tire Brochure

BETTER WEAR LONGER SERVICE SUPERIOR TRACTION ADVANCED COMPOSITION: Exceptional cut and chip resistance produces outstanding wear and increased durability. PROVEN TREAD DESIGNS: Non-directional patterns provide the traction needed on rough and rocky underground surfaces. OPTIMIZED RUBBER-TO-VOID RATIO: The enhanced balance between cut-resistance and traction works to increase tread life and resilience. DUAL BEAD CONSTRUCTION : Balances the required strength of the bead and carcass while providing enhanced performance in high-pressure applications, and is ideal for foam-filled applications, helping to lower the overall cost of operation. INDUSTRIAL SPEC (ID) COMPOUND* : Designed to deliver long hours in hostile conditions, our Industrial Spec (ID) Compound is specially formulated to be highly cut resistant and to reduce heat generation to extend the life of your tires and reduce your tire-related costs. (*Does not apply to all tires shown in this brochure.) CROSS-PLY TECHNOLOGIES : Bias industrial tires are engineered with heavy gauge plies that are cross-layered at an intricate degree. We’ve created reinforced sidewalls that give your stackers, top picks and side loaders extra stability. PROTECTIVE BELT PACKAGE : Radial tires are designed to withstand the rigorous operation of intermodal and port operations with a high-strength protective belt package directly under the tread surface which enables our tires to absorb impacts and deflect damaging blows, delivering constant performance and consistent service.