TS Series Versitility

TS-Series Taylor Machine Works, Inc. 650 North Church Avenue Louisville, Mississippi 39339-2017 Phone (662) 773-3421 Fax (662) 773-9146 9/19/12 TS-9972 More than a Reach Stacker Engine Cummins QSM11-C335 electronic turbocharged, charged air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Rated power of 335-hp ( 250 kW ) at 2100 rpm. Maximum power of 365-hp ( 272 kW ) at 1800 rpm. The 4-cycle in-line 6 cylinder engine has 660 cubic in. ( 10.8 liter ) displacement. The bore is 4.92 in. ( 125 mm ) x 5.79 in. ( 147 mm ) stroke. Peak torque is 1235 ft.-lbs ( 1674 N-m ) at 1400 rpm (SAE J1349). This peak torque is maintained from 1000 to 1400 rpm. Emission certification: US EPA Tier III, Carb Tier III, EU Stage III. Standard features are electronic diagnostic and maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator and engine/transmission protection systems. Equipped with engine and transmission protection systems which include engine kill for high coolant temperature, high or low oil pressure, low coolant level, and transmission high oil temperature (engine will be reduced to idle and engine will be killed after 5 minutes). Or Volvo PentaTAD1360 electronic, turbocharged, charged air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Rated power of 348--hp ( 256 kW ) at 1900 RPM. Maximum power of 348--hp ( 256 kW ) at 1450 RPM. The 4--cycle in--line 6 cylinder engine has 780 cubic in. ( 12.78 liter ) displacement. The bore is 5.16” ( 131 mm ) X 6.22 in. ( 158 mm ) stroke. Peak torque is 1287 ft.--lbs ( 1745 N--m ) at 1200 RPM. Emission certification: US EPA Tier 4i, EU Stage 3b. Warning: This engine requires Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel and API CJ-4 Low Ash Engine Oil. Electrical system is 24 volt with 110 amp alternator. The fuel tank capacity is 180 gallons ( 681 L ). Air Cleaner The 2-stage heavy-duty, dry type air cleaner has a built-in pre-cleaner, safety element, and a restriction warning light. Cooling System The deaeration tanks location allows the coolant level to be checked from ground and provides optimum engine cooling. Electrical, Instrumentation, and Accessories Electric / electronic control of the machine is based on CANBUS technology with diagnostic capability. The instrument panel is pre-wired to accommodate heavy- duty accessories. All wiring is number coded. Standard equipment includes a key-type anti-restart ignition system, 24-volt electrical system, two 200 amp-hour batteries, a main battery disconnect switch, indicator lights, thermal reset circuit breakers, back-lighted instruments. Ten worklights, 4 on boom (controlled by one switch), 2 on each side approximately at the mid point of outer boom. 4 on chassis (controlled by one switch), 1 on each side of counterweight, 2 on front of chassis, and 1 on each side at front fenders. The amber rotating lights, forward-actuated warning alarm, reverse-actuated warning alarm, are all key-switch actuated. The inside and outside rear view mirrors are standard. Tail lights, stop lights, turn signal lights, electrical horn, and tilt steering are standard. The load moment indicator includes digital gauges, indicators, and warning lights including load messages, twistlock indicator lights, transmission messages and gear indicator, voltmeter / ammeter gauge, fuel low level indicator, engine coolant temperature gauge, engine oil pressure gauge, transmission oil temperature gauge, fuel gauge, hourmeter and speedometer indicator, and engine RPM gauge. Tier III engine electronic diagnostic light package. A rear visibility aid camera system, diagnostic board for attachment, and air conditioning are standard. Transmission The four-speed, electronic, fully reversing, modulated, powershift transmission has declutch with brakes behind the declutch feature and an electric shift control. An Automatic Powershift Control (APC) feature is standard. The filler pipe dipstick and large, heavy-duty, oil filter are easily accessible. Separate coolant to-oil cooler. The integrally built torque convertor has constant-mesh gear sets actuated by hydraulic clutch packs. Drive Axle The high-stability, wide stance, planetary drive axle’s housing is bolted to the frame. Steer Axle The single-cylinder design steer axle with tapered wheel bearings is fully sealed and never needs adjusting. Brake System The internal force-cooled, wet disc, service brakes (and the hydraulic oil) are cooled by a cooler separate from the transmission cooler. The drive-axle mounted disc brake is spring applied for parking. Power Steering The hydrostatic steering system with priority valve provides constant response at all engine speeds. Chassis The all-welded frame has an integral, contoured, counterweight. Hinged doors and bolt-out covers provide easy access to all service points. Center mounted cab with skyview window can be manually moved to access components. The standard cab is shock mounted and has a tinted and laminated front windshield; all other glass is safety glass. The standard cab also has electric front, rear and top wipers, and a heater/ defroster with front and side window defrosting. The adjustable, air suspension seat has flip-down, adjustable angle arm rest and an operator seat belt. Hydraulic System The large capacity hydraulic tank has a tank breather, return line filters with replaceable elements in the tank, and an external sight gauge. An air-to-oil cooler, separate from the transmission cooler, cools the hydraulic system oil (and service brakes). The variable displacement type pumps are converter driven. The system has load sensing with proportional distribution controls for the boom lifting and extension controls. The dual, double-acting lift cylinders are pinned to the boom and must be powered down, providing additional safety when lowering the boom. All cylinders have chrome-plated rods, and self-adjusting packing. The valves are controlled by a conveniently located multifunctional “joystick” control lever. Lift and boom extension are hydraulic over hydraulic. All other functions are electric over hydraulic. Boom and Attachment The telescopic boom is high-strength steel. Double-acting hydraulic cylinders provide precise boom movements. The fixed attachment is equipped with 3 swivel hooks for sling loads. The hydraulic motor and gear reduction system permit 95° CCW and 185° CW attachment rotation. The attachment has ± 20-in. ( 508 mm ) sideshift, and mechanical pileslope. This vehicle is certified to meet the applicable design and performance criteria required for Powered Industrial Trucks in OSHA Safety and Health Standards, Title 29 CFR, Part 1910.178, and the applicable design and performance requirements in ANSI B56.1 that were in effect at the time of manufacture. These standards also apply to the user and should be adhered to while operating this vehicle. This vehicle is also certified to meet the applicable design and performance criteria required by F.E.M. 4.001q stability standard for freight container handling variable reach industrial trucks. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Some operating data may be affected by the condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, contact the factory. Rated Container Capacity 99,000-lbs. ( 45 t ) First Row / 4-high Stacking 9.5-ft. ( 2.9 m ) Rated Container Capacity 90,400-lbs. ( 41 t ) First Row / 5-high Stacking 9.5-ft. ( 2.9 m ) 256-in. ( 6,500 mm ) Wheelbase ®