TS9972 English (Archived Copy)

Electronic boom angle sensor mounted directly to the tower and boom gives a more reliable and precise angle reading. For the safety of on-the-ground workers, the TS-9972 has added rear facing camera, taillights, work lights, and motion alarm to the sloping counterweight. The Taylor designed and built steer axle is developed for the toughest working conditions. The proven design of this heavy-duty steer axle features common spindles and other components. An all new series of reachstacker with you in mind. Taylor is setting a new standard in reachstacker container handling. The new TS-9972 Reachstacker is the most durable, comfortable, and user friendly truck in the industry. The TS-9972 has all the durability and dependability that you have come to expect from Taylor. The TS-9972 is able to stack 9.5-ft (up to 99,000-lbs) 4-high in the first row. At the fifth position in the first row, capacity is 90,400-lbs. Second row capacity is 72,000-lbs up to 4-high. Third row capacity is 32,500-lbs up to 3-high. Capacities like that make this machine the best in any field. Combined with new engineering, legendary durability, and unparalleled parts and service, the new TS-9972 Reachstacker from Taylor Machine Works is the #1 choice. Maintenance was key in the development of everything on the TS-9972, such as, easy access to check points throughout the machine. As always it’s... The TS-9972 is equipped with a 24 volt electrical system.