TS9972 English (Archived Copy)

All spreader cylinders are mounted on the outside for easy access. The spreader width is achieved by hydraulic cylinders, no chains or motors. The structure is a simple, rugged, box frame design with two common expansion frames and one center box frame. The spreader has an open design for easy inspection and maintenance and has oversized wear pads for extended service life. Features an over sized rotate bearing and gearing for extended service life. Attachment will rotate 95˚ CCW and 185˚ CW. In cab twistlock signal lights are amber, green and red. Cab windows are large for superior visibility. Hydraulically powered cab movement is standard for easy access to engine, radiator, transmission, pumps and other components. The attachment has standard ISO twistlocks for 20-ft. ( 6.1 m ) and 40-ft. ( 12.2 m ) positions. The 2-stage heavy-duty, dry type air cleaner has a built-in pre-cleaner, safety element, and a restriction warning light. 99,000-lbs. (45t) 99,000-lbs. (45t) 99,000-lbs. (45t) 99,000-lbs. (45t) 90,400-lbs. (41t) 72,700-lbs. (33t) 72,700-lbs. (33t) 72,700-lbs. (33t) 72,700-lbs. (33t) 35,200-lbs. (16t) 35,200-lbs. (16t) 35,200-lbs. (16t) Muliple work lights. Rated Capacities: A fuel cooler is standard to increase fuel efficiency. Vertical lift feature makes the operator more productive by adjusting the boom extension to meet the lift needs. High stability, wide stance drive axel.