TS9972 English (Archived Copy)

FAITH VISION WORK Standard LMI uses accurate laser technology to read the outer boom position, no string to be damaged. The laser has no wear parts. Fatigue resistant structure designed specifically for heavy reach stacker duty cycles. The boom has full penetration welds for increased resistance to fatigue and oversized wear pads for extended service life. The all-welded frame has a bolt-on, contoured, counterweight. The chassis can be disassembled down to 96" width for shipping. Boom angle sensor. The steer axle has a single-cylinder design with tapered wheel bearings. The spindles are fully sealed and never needs adjusting. The over sized kingpin has self lubricating thrust washer and aluminum/bronze sleeve bushings for extended service life. The three section, vertical, bolted radiator has a separate cooler for engine coolant, separate cooler for charge air, and transmission oil. A separate cooler cools the hydraulic oil. The cooling system has a completely unrestricted air flow. The coolant level to be checked easily and provides optimum engine cooling. The standard, air conditioned, shock mounted cab has electric front, rear, and top wipers, and a heater/defroster with front and side window defrosting. The adjustable, air suspension seat has flip-down, adjustable angle arm rests and an operator seat belt.