TS9972 English (Archived Copy)

Extra Long Life ... The competition tries to meet the industry standards. At Taylor, we go far beyond the standard. The TS-9972 is designed to be superior in every way. Instead of the typical 600,000 cycle life, we offer you a 1,000,000 cycle life in our new spreader. Longer life means more cost savings to you with far less downtime. We even simplified the system to make it easier to operate, service, and maintain. Open Design... The advantage of this open design is easy access to hydraulic cylinders, valves, hoses, electrical components, etc... allowing for quicker preventative maintenance and service diagnostics. Components are not hidden inside the attachment structure. No need to disassemble the attachment to service or replace a damaged part anymore. More Benefi ts ... Oversized wear pads, rotate bearings and gearings, as well as full penetration welds, ensure extended service life. A load moment indicator, in conjunction with accurate laser technology to read the boom’s precise position, replaces mechanical systems and is standard on the TS-9972. The vertical lift feature takes the operator effort out of lifting a load and extending the boom. A simple one step operation takes care of that for the operator allowing the operator to be more productive.