TX Series 24in. (Archived Copy)

Spacious uncluttered cab with tilt steering, hinge-down dash, climate controls and adjustable seating Premium vinyl or cloth seat that rotates 15° left and 20° right Comfortable adjustable arm rest with fingertip joystick control for smooth precise handling Easy to understand diagnostic display. TICS (Taylor Integrated Control System) using CANbus technology is standard on the TX Series. # Two brake pedals left – brakes and inching right – brakes only The TX Series features a spacious, all steel cab with increased leg and head room, sound deadening rubber mat flooring, tilt steering wheel, simple T-shaped dash, fingertip electric joystick controls, and optional climate control system for operator comfort and convenience. The tilt steering column and the adjustable full-suspension air-ride seat places your operator in the utmost comfort. The right-side armrest’s adjustment capabilities allows even the most demanding operator to place the truck’s controls within easy reach. The fingertip controls, on the the low effort joystick, allow the operator to control the mast and carriage with ease and comfort. This blend of ergonomics and technology will help your operator be more efficient with the job at hand... handling materials. Carriage Groups 60-in (TX-160 - TX-175) 84-in and 100-in (TX-180 - TX-360) Simple design- • bolt-on housing • Timken tapered roller bearings • cast nylon side thrust pads • shims, if necessary Minimal maintenance with more resistant to dynamic/shock loads with rough terrain, high lift, and/or offset loads " The TX Series features the most dependable and diverse assortment of mast and carriages in its class. Known for their innovative design, these masts give you the confidence in knowing it will work every time you need it. Even when maintenance is required you can feel safe knowing our engineers have designed our mast and carriages to be as easy to maintain and repair as possible. The telescopic, ULTRA-VU mast features a nested channel construction. The double-acting lift cylinders are positioned to the rear of the mast rails while the multi-leaf lift chains are nested inside the mast rails. Two lifting eyes and bolt-on caps permit safe, easy removal of the mast in the event that repair is needed. The pin-mounted forks are hammer forged from heat treated steel with increased thickness in critical heel sections. The forks are fully adjustable from full width of carriage to +/-2-in. Lengths and widths vary depending on your particular needs and model type. The mast and carriage main rollers are common and use Timken® tapered roller bearings. Chain rollers use sealed ball bearings. Common, cast nylon, side thrust pads are adjustable to compensate for wear. Stance is wider and more stable for more confident handling