TX4 Series (Articulated 4WD)

Heavy-duty carriage Minimal maintenance and more resistant to dynamic/shock loads with rough terrain, high lift, and/or offset loads. optional sideshift shown Pin mounted full width adjustable forks o ptional fork positioning shown Taylor Machine Works was built on the premise, "We engineer and build what you need." This is just as true today as it was in 1927. We design, engineer, and manufacture equipment tailored specifically to meet the material handling needs of your business. Unlike other comparable articulated machines, this is not a front loader chassis with a fork attachment, but an articulated material handler completely designed and engineered by Taylor Machine Works. With a wide array of attachments available, the TX4 can become the material handler you've been looking for to meet your needs. Mast mounted forward facing work lights s tandard TX4 series mast tilting 16° forward and 16° backward Telescopic 11-ft ULTRA-VU mast Optional mast choices available Choose from different configurations to best fit your material handling needs Nested channel construction Nested leaf chains Forward alarm standard Safety rails around platform area on both sides of truck Exceptional visibility Unobstructed rear view The air snorkel and and shielded exhaust are mounted on the corners of the cab to keep the view open. 2 4 -in . Lo ad Cen t er Mac h in es Self cleaning, anti-slip, steps 3-point mounting and dismounting Qual i t y As s u r ed an d Forward activated alarm Overhead rear work lights for improved safety and visibility Key-switch actuated amber strobe light Reverse activated alarm Extra large, shock absorbing, center mounted cab for operator comfort and noise reduction Tinted glass throughout the cab Forward facing work lights optional TaylorMax filter Option shown Optional air conditioning with clean air intake on right side of cab The TX4 is where function meets form... this is a true articulated forklift. Designed to do what others cannot, TX4 can and will get the job done.