TX-550RC (Removable Counterweight)

Heavy-duty steer axle is a single hydraulic cylinder design with heavy-duty links from the cylinder ram directly to tapered roller bearing mounted spindles. Bolted Fuel Tank - • 93 gallon capacity • easily removable • heavy gauge steel wall • integral strainer Rel iab l e Per f o r man c e High-output pusher fan Engine mounted sealed fan shroud insures maximum air flow Cooling includes: • engine charge air cooler • engine coolant air cooler • transmission oil air cooler • separate wet disc and hydraulic oil air cooler. Transmission output shaft disc mounted, parking brake Spring on – Hydraulic off Instrument panel mounted control ENGINE • Tier Certified Cummins electronic, low emissions (see specification sheet for engine detail) • Lower fan speed and engine speed for less noise • Electronic diagnostics on engine with fault code history for easy diagnostics and repair • Built-in emergency shut-down system for engine and transmission • All service and daily checks can be made easily from the running boards • High capacity charge air, engine coolant, transmission coolant and hydraulic oil cooling system • Easily serviceable, bolted, 3-section cooling system TRANSMISSION • Heavy-duty 3-speed Powershift transmission • High capacity 12-plate clutch system for added durability • Operator controlled hydraulic inching for precise vehicle position control • Automatic Powershift Control (APC) • Full directional modulation for soft directional changes • Transmission oil cooler is part of the bolted, 3-section cooling system • Cooler has wide fin spacing to resist plugging • Remote mounted filter to reduce oil spills • Flex-plate drive • Full width transmission mount goes from rail to rail in chassis for a more stable drivetrain Bolted Hydraulic Tank - • easily removable • heavy gauge steel wall • serviceable filter element • remote mounted breather • internal suction screen • 82-gallon capacity Full flow, in-tank, 10-Micron return filtration Dual element air cleaner with restriction indicator Sliding engine hood Easily removable for greater access (All service and daily checks can be made easily from running boards) Positive rim mountings Counterweight lifting eyes Chassis lifting eyes A simple manual cab tilt pump is standard with an optional powered cab tilt pump available 3 6 o r 4 8 -in . Lo ad Cen t er Mac h in es The TX-550RC line of industrial pneumatic lift trucks are designed and engineered with the operator and service personnel in mind. Each TX-550RC lift truck uses a Tier Certified Cummins® electronic turbocharged, charge air aftercooled (air to air) diesel engine. Standard engine features include electronic diagnostic and maintenance monitor, fuel/water separator and engine/transmission protection systems, improved fuel economy, and reduced emissions. Manual cab tilt - standard Optional powered tilt The TX-550RC comes standard with top of the line features such as: • TIER certified high output engine • High capacity cooling system • Heavy-duty transmission • Heavy-duty planetary drive axle • Heavy-duty, proven steer axle • TICS (Taylor Integrated Control System) • All-welded steel chassis Heavy-duty bolted planetary drive axle 6 planetary pin, force-cooled wet disc brakes Internal, force-cooled hydraulic actuated service brakes Outboard mounted heat shielded muffler with vertical stack Mast lifting eyes