TXB Series (Archived Copy)

ULTRA-VU Heavy-Duty Mast Standard 11 ft. Optional m asts are available upon request 2 Different Carriage Groups TXB-180S – TXB-300L 84-in. and 100-in. Simple design: Cast nylon slide blocks, bolt-on housing and shims (if necessary). Forks are pin mounted and fully adjustable. Forks are forged from heat treated steel and have square tips and tapered bottoms. Minimal maintenance, more resistant to dynamic/shock loads with rough terrain, high lift, and/or offset loads A-frame is taller to accommodate the taller cab for operator comfort Counterweight sections are sloped to provide increased visibility for the operator Fuel tank – heavy gauge steel wall (Green) lockable cap integral strainer 59-gallon capacity TXB-180S – TXB-300L New fuel sensor with no moving parts Hydraulic tank – heavy gauge steel wall serviceable filter element remote mounted breather internal suction screen 55-gallon capacity TXB-180S – TXB-300L Full flow, in-tank, 10-Micron return filtration Tilt hoses are hidden inside A-frame channel Bolt-on tanks on all TX, TXH and TXB Series trucks.