TXB Series (Archived Copy)

Heavy-duty bolted planetary drive axle 3 planetary pin, force-cooled wet disc brakes Hydraulic activated, brake saver system does not allow operator to drive through parking brakes Din type rim mounting Internal, force-cooled hydraulic actuated service brakes Wet disc brake oil and hydraulic oil are cooled by hydraulic cooler Transmission output shaft, disc mounted, parking brake Spring on – Hydraulic off Instrument panel mounted control Fingertip, full hydrostatic steering Emergency kill switch Parking brake control Two brake pedals left – brakes and inching right – brakes only Electronic diagnostics with fault code history for fast problem identification. Electronic diagnostics with built-in shutdown system for engine and transmission. Premium vinyl or cloth adjustable air suspension seat with arm rests, orange seat belt, and OPS (operator presence switches) (Rotation 15°- left - 20°- right) Fingertip, tilt steering Hinge down instrument panel Reset circuit breakers - instead of fuses Serial Port Sealed column-mounted electric roll shift Neutral lock TICS Taylor Integrated Control System Using J1939 CANbus Technology