TXB Series (Archived Copy)

One of the most spacious all steel cabs in the industry as well as great features Two doors with sliding glass Remote mounted under cab hourmeter One circulation fan Easily replaceable glass Front and rear windshield wipers Front windshield washer Door hold-back latches with trip handles Panoramic rearview mirrors inside and outside 40,000 BTU heater Electric horn rated at 118 Dba Dome light Tinted glass Sound insulation Floor mats Key-switch actuated amber strobe light Excellent visibility through mast, forward and rear, meeting proposed visibility standards All models meet ANSI B56.1 FOPS operator protection Adjustable fingertip electric joystick controls for smooth precise handling Joystick components can be serviced separately Easy, under cab, access to the junction box and to reset circuit breakers All reset circuit breakers throughout the truck instead of fuses Sealed electrical connectors All wiring is color coded and number coded Fuel/Water Separator Fuel Filter Transmission Filter Fan- High performance, 7-blade, pusher fan blows dust and debris away from operator. Alternator- 12 volt with 130 amp electrical system Shroud- Engine mounted, sealed fan shroud insures maximum air flow through coolers. Wet disc brake oil and hydraulic oil cooler Engine fluid cooler Charge air cooler Transmission oil cooler Features an outboard mounted, heat shielded, muffler with vertical stack for improved visibility and noise control. Main Hydraulic Valve New design allows for simple operation and ease of repair due to fewer valves and hoses Equipped with manual overrides. ENGINE • Tier Certified Cummins electronic, low emissions (see specification sheet for engine detail) • Lower fan speed and engine speed for less noise • Electronic diagnostics on engine with fault code history for easy diagnostics and repair • Built-in emergency shutdown system for engine and transmission • All service and daily checks can be made easily from the running boards • High capacity charge air, engine coolant and transmission cooling system • Easily serviceable 3-section cooling system TRANSMISSION • Heavy-duty 3-speed Powershift transmission • High capacity 12-plate clutch system for added durability • Operator controlled hydraulic inching for precise vehicle position control • Automatic Powershift Control (APC) • Full directional modulation for soft directional changes • Rated at 215 HP plus for heavy industrial applications • Transmission oil cooler is part of the 3-section cooling system • Cooler has wide fin spacing to resist plugging • Remote mounted filter to reduce oil spills • 15% more tractive effort than T-Series • Flexplate drive • Full width transmission mount goes from rail to rail in chassis for a more stable drivetrain