Vision Plus-Pro

Requires No Device or Tag to be worn by the pedestrian Applications which require the use of mobile industrial equipment often also require operation in the same areas as pedestrians. The operator of the equipment must know the location of pedestrians at all times while remaining productive and accomplishing his job. Vision Plus™ can aid an operator in this most important task without the need for tags or devices on the pedestrians. As pedestrians enter into the coverage area, an audible and visual alarm is provided to the operator. Next, Vision Plus™ begins to track the pedestrians and predict their paths. Vehicle tracking and pedestrian tracking are combined to determine potential collisions. If a collision is predicted, alarm intensity increases, notifying the operator of this crucial information. (See figure A) Vision Plus™ continues to monitor pedestrians and their paths until the pedestrians are no longer within the coverage area. (See figure B) An internal warning system utilizing vehicle speed, vehicle direction, and pedestrian location aims to reduce warnings to the operator making the warnings more effective. The Vision Plus™ system is unique to other obstacle detection systems currently available for mobile industrial equipment. Vision Plus™ can distinguish pedestrians from all other objects, track the movement of pedestrians, and provide this functionality without the requirement of tags or transmitters worn by the pedestrians. (See figure C) This technology aids equipment operators in clearing the area of pedestrians potentially avoiding devastating accidents. Choose Your Coverage Area Vision Plus can be installed on virtually any piece of off-highway mobile equipment. Different pieces of equipment operate in various applications and have unique requirements. Your application and equipment use is specific to your needs. Use the chart below to help in making your coverage area decision. Rear Coverage Areas Sample Vehicle Types Rear 90º Rear 180º Extended 180º Maximum (up to) 360º Articulating Chassis * Loaders ü ü ü Tractors ü ü ü Forklifts ü ü ü Compactors ü ü ü Rear Axle Steering ** Forklifts ü ü ü Tele-Handlers ü ü ü Intermodal Container Handlers ü ü ü Front Axle Steering ** Dump Trucks ü ü ü ü Tow Trucks ü ü ü ü Mobile Cranes ü ü ü ü Concrete Mixers ü ü ü ü Agricultural Tractors ü ü ü ü Tracked Vehicles *** Excavators ü ü ü ü Bulldozers ü ü ü ü Skid Steer Loaders ü ü ü ü * All V ision Plus cameras must be mounted such that there is no relati v e mo veme nt be tween any of the cameras. W hen cameras are mounted on the rear portion of chassis, no cameras can be mounted on the front portion. ** Rear axle steer ve hicles ar e highl y maneuverable. M inimum 180 " cove rage is recommended except on very small ve hicles . *** Ve hicles w ith large front end implements or attachments ma y preclude front coverage due to blockage of camera v ie w. Single or multiple pedestrian tracking throughout the entire coverage area with audible and visible alarms