XRS9972 (Reach Stacker)

Ease of maintenance... With the press of a button, the XRS cab can be moved electrically while the machine is powered down. This gives access to the lightweight removable deck plates which open to expose the full drive train and hydraulics. (No tools required to remove deck plates.) Attachment features... The attachment has standard ISO twistlocks for 20-ft. ( 6.1 m ) and 40-ft. ( 12.2 m ) positions. The structure is a simple, rugged, box frame design with two common expansion frames and one center box frame. The spreader has an open design for easy inspection and maintenance and has oversized wear pads for extended service life. Attachment: Features an oversized rotate bearing and gearing for extended service life. Attachment will rotate 95˚ CCW and 185˚ CW. All spreader cylinders are mounted on the outside for easy access. Spreader expansion is achieved with hydraulic cylinders. (No chains or motors) The high-stability, wide stance, planetary drive axle has the strength and durability that Taylor customers have come to expect. (Optional tire configurations are available.) TICS (Taylor Integrated Control System) gives customers the ability to customize operation parameters of their Taylor lift truck and perform diagnostics. TICS is different from other systems; the interface is simple, easy to understand and user friendly. The TICS diagnostic ability is key to quick repair and less downtime. Troubleshooting and diagnosing most problems can be done by the customer’s own service mechanic, without the need for a service tech with a detached computer. TIER Compliant Diesel Engines The XRS-Series Reachstackers feature a 388-HP Tier-4 final compliant diesel engine. Maximum power and torque are available at low rpm and as a result, noise and fuel consumption are both reduced. For non-emissions regulated countries, a 335-HP Tier-III diesel engine is available. The XRS-Series is also available in Breakbulk configurations that include a fixed single hook model, as well as 3-Hook and 5-Hook models that feature integral side shift and rotation. A multitude of attachments are available for the XRS-Series which make these reachstackers extremely versatile with applications across many heavy lift industries. The standard climate controlled operator base can be accessed from either side of the machine or optionally from the front of the machine when the cab is maneuvered to the full forward position. Fatigue resistant structure designed specifically for heavy reachstacker duty cycles. The boom has full penetration welds for increased resistance to fatigue and oversized wear pads for extended service life. XRS-9972 REACHSTACKER Appropriate Technology: The XRS-Series of Reachstackers is another example of Taylor receiving input from our customers and developing strong solutions for their container handling needs. We strive to keep things simple and use appropriate technology that brings value. The standard LED package includes: 4 chassis mounted lights, 4 boom mounted lights, 2 operator step lights, 2 dedicated twistlock lights and twistlock indicator lights that are mounted in the cab as well as on the boom. Featured truck is shown with optional equipment.