XRS9972 (Reach Stacker)

99,000-lbs (45 t) 99,000-lbs (45 t) 99,000-lbs (45 t) 99,000-lbs (45 t) 90,400-lbs (41 t) 72,700-lbs (33 t) 72,700-lbs (33 t) 72,700-lbs (33 t) 72,700-lbs (33 t) 35,200-lbs (16 t) 35,200-lbs (16 t) 35,200-lbs (16 t) Heavy-duty Steer Axles To ensure your machine will continue to handle the demands of your business, we have designed a steer axle like none other. It utilizes a single hydraulic cylinder with heavy-duty links that tie the cylinder ram to the spindles. The XRS-9972 also has tapered roller bearings in the steer axle spindles, which are considered the most durable bearings available to the industry today. Rated Container Capacity 99,000-lbs. ( 45 t ) First Row / 4-high Stacking 9.5-ft. ( 2.9 m ) Rated Container Capacity 90,400-lbs. ( 41 t ) First Row / 5-high Stacking 9.5-ft. ( 2.9 m ) 258-in. ( 6,550 mm ) Wheelbase A comfortable and safe operator station is vital to productivity. With this in mind, we set out to develop an operator area specifically for the safety, comfort and convenience of the operator. All steel construction, ergonomic controls, a large comfortable seat, standard climate controls, T-shaped dashboard and oversized windows provide excellent visibility for the operator. A low-effort joystick, which is mounted on a large and easily adjustable armrest, provides easy control of lift/lower, boom-in/boom-out, attachment rotation, side-shift and twistlock operation functions. This allows the operator to be more efficient and productive. The XRS is engineered to a higher standard. Taylor spreaders are designed in-house with a cycle life 60% greater than the industry standard. Longer life and less downtime equals greater cost savings for your operation. Increased torsional strength in the chassis, boom and boom tower further expand the reliability and rugged nature that Taylor customers demand. Dramatically increased lifting speeds. Increased productivity is a key component to a healthy bottom line. The New XRS Reachstacker has lift speeds that approach 30% higher than previous generations while retaining the rugged reliability that Taylor customers demand! The increased production cycles made possible by these increased lift speeds will greatly impact the overall productivity of your business. The three section radiator utilizes a vertical bolted design. It has a separate section for engine coolant, charge air, and transmission oil. An additional cooler services the hydraulic fluid. (Located in the chassis away from ground debris.) RUGGED RELIABILITY 50+ years of containerized cargo handling experience MADE IN THE 20’ 40’