55,000 lb / 25t

Taylor TX-550RC Details
Purpose Built Removable Counterweight Lift Truck


The TX-550RC Heavy Duty Removable Counterweight Lift Truck is purposely built for the Port Operations Industry and is unique in its ability to be lifted into the hull of a ship to handle steel and tackle other heavy material handling needs. With a Removable Counterweight, the TX-550RC Removable Counterweight Lift Truck has become an invaluable piece of the Port Operations Industry. Taylor Big Red. Engineering the Ultimate Lift Truck.

Basic Truck Includes

  • Lockable Fuel Cap w/Strainer, fuel gauge
  • Dry-type Air Cleaner w/Safety Element & Restriction Indicator and Vertical Air Intake Extension
  • Muffler w/Stack Guard
  • 12-Volt Electrical System; 130 Amp Alternator & Circuit Breakers
  • Taylor Integrated Control System (TICS) with CANbus Technology with Diagnostics through dash mounted display
  • Anti-restart Ignition Switch
  • Tilt Steering
  • Heavy-duty Batteries (2-4DA) and battery disconnect switch
  • Lighted Instruments
  • Remote mounted hour meter gauge
  • Electria Horn 118 DBA
  • Keyswitch-actuated Amber Strobe Light
  • Reverse-actuated Backup Alarm
  • Forward actuated forward alarm
  • Four work lights, 2 front mast mounted: 2 rear a frame mounted with one control switch
  • Rear View Mirrors inside of the cab
  • Powershift Transmission - fully electric, 3 speed w/Inching, Modulated, Electric Shift Control, Air/Oil Cooling with Automatic Powershift Control
  • Remote Mounted Hydraulic Oil Cooler
  • All welded chassis, lift eyes, 2 mast mounted, 2 chassis mounted, not level pick
  • Auxiliary Drive Line Mounted Parking Brake
  • Taylor Steer Axle
  • Bolted Planetary Drive Axle
  • Air Cooled Wet Disc Brakes Hydraulic Actuated with Cooler for Brake Oil and Hydraulic Oil
  • Hydrostatic Power Steering
  • 2 Section Hydraulic Valve standard
  • Electric Joystick Operated Controls and Switch Controls
  • Low center mount cab, 2-door, includes one 32,000 BTU heater, one circulation fan, front and rear windshield wipers with control switchs, front windshield washer, dome light, all glass tinted
  • Door hold back latches with trip button, grey insulation, and black floor mat inside cab. Cab color black only.
  • Adjustable Black Vinyl Covered Air Suspension Seat w/Arm Rests, Orange Seat Belt and OPS Switch, Seat has left 15/ right 20 degree rotation
  • Full Flow Wire Mesh Suction Strainers & Full Flow 10-Micron Return Filter in hydraulic tank
  • Accumulator in lift circuit
  • 30,000 pound removable counterweight
  • 46,000 Vehicle Transport weight w/o conterweight
  • Parker hydraulic gear type pumps, fittings and hoses


This vehicle is certified to meet the applicable design and performance criteria required for Powered Industrial Trucks in OSHA Safety and Health Standards, Title 29 CFR. Part 1910.178, and the applicable design and performance requirements in ANSI B56.1 that were in effect at the time of manufacture. These standards also apply to the user and should be adhered to while operating this vehicle. All specifications are subject to change without notice. Some operating data may be affected by the condition of the vehicle, how it is operated and the nature and condition of the operating area. If these specifications are critical, contact the factory.